Performance Physical Therapy is now HIGHBAR PHYSICAL THERAPY.


Because we care about care.
We are


Our leadership team is dedicated to helping empower our communities to lead healthy, fulfilling, and happy lives.

We are


We constantly learn and grow forward so we can practice at the top of the license, or as we call it, PATTOTL.

We are


We advocate and lead the way to create positive change in the physical therapy industry.

We are


We believe in creating joy for our patients and our team.

We are


We care deeply for our patients and our team.

We are


We are leaders who put the person at the center of everything we do.

We are


We are passionate about empowering people to feel better, move freely, and live fully,

Our approach

A human-centered practice that puts health and happiness first.

Our community-oriented practices are centered around a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to care. We aim to inspire and equip our patients with the right tools to make physical therapy a routine part of life. When our patients step into a Highbar practice, they see the passion behind what we do while gaining a better understanding of our total body approach to care.

Our people

Elevating the physical therapy industry.

At Highbar, we continue to build a culture that puts our employees in a position to thrive.

We are truly invested in the growth and advancement of our clinicians, patients, and Highbar practices. We are creating a positive working environment that promotes the education and welfare of all Highbar employees.

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