Performance Physical Therapy is now HIGHBAR PHYSICAL THERAPY.

the Highbar Way

Transforming physical therapy to better transform you.

Values of Highbar physical therapy


Develop leading-edge physical therapists who deliver life-changing outcomes – to empower people to feel better, move freely, and live fully.


We see a day when physical therapists are the first call when pain or discomfort is limiting a person’s life or when they want to perform better. Patients will have hope and confidence that they’ll recover while feeling empowered to feel better and live a happier and healthier life.

Michelle Collie, Highbar

Dr. michelle Collie, CEO

“I envision a day when physical therapists will be a normal part of everyone's healthcare team, so that anytime they find themselves experiencing limitations to their daily life, they will first contact their physical therapist."


Invested in your health and your community.

Highbar is led by local physical therapists across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. That means we’re invested in not only your health, but your community as well. We make decisions and provide services that empower our communities to lead healthy, fulfilling, and happy lives.


Giving back to our community.

As local Rhode Island and Massachusetts community members, it is important to us to support our communities in meaningful ways. Connect with Highbar on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the ways we support our local communities.


Practicing at the top of the license.

We came up with the term "PATTOTL" (practice at the top of the license) as a way to capture the expert level at which our clinicians provide care to their patients and the unmatched opportunities we provide our team members to learn and grow throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.


Find the right therapist and
discover new heights.