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Pediatric Physical Therapy

What is pediatric physical therapy?

Pediatric physical therapy helps your child recover from injury or surgery, reach gross motor milestones, and live the most mobile life that they can. At Highbar, we use evidenced-based practice, provide one-on-one care, and communicate with your child’s referring doctor and pediatrician. Our goal is to make physical therapy fun for your child through play, which includes access to private treatment space, aquatic therapy services, and specialized equipment.

Why should my child see a pediatric physical therapist?

Our team is led by a Board-certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist, which means your child is going to be in the most capable hands when you enter our facilities. We provide continuing education to our pediatric doctors to ensure that your child is always receiving the best care. What sets pediatric physical therapy apart from traditional physical therapy is that your child will work with someone who is intentional about providing an experience specific for your child to reach their movement and functional goals.

There are several techniques that pediatric physical therapists use when they work with children:

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Facilitation Techniques

Using hands-on adjustments to help your child move and develop, then teaching them how to do the movements at home.

Functional Training

Practicing stairs, climbing, crawling, obstacle courses in order to help your child navigate the home and community with more ease.

Balance Training

Working on uneven surfaces and single-leg stances to train their whole body to work as a unit and reduce falls.

Aquatic Therapy

Adding water to treatment creates a new sensory experience that increases input to the sensory system and allows much easier movement. 

Sensory Equipment

Using items like trampolines, swings, bouncy chairs, and scooters allow a child to take breaks, do heavy work, and make progress towards playing on the playground.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Orthotic Recommendations

Assisting to determine medical necessity for additional equipment like standers, walkers, or wheelchairs that your child may need to reach their highest potential. Pediatric physical therapists are essential in helping you get this equipment covered by insurance.

Questions about Pediatric Physical Therapy? We’ve got answers.

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When should my child see a pediatric physical therapist?

When you think your child might need physical therapy, it’s normal to feel concerned. The pediatric physical therapists at Highbar are here to help you calm your nerves and answer any questions you may have. Request an appointment with our experienced pediatric physical therapists to start your child on the path to a full, happy life. But if you’re unsure whether physical therapy is right for your child, request a phone consult with one of our pediatric physical therapists to discuss your child’s needs.


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