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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Have You Heard of Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is a unique treatment that allows patients to move with reduced stress on their joints. The multi-directional resistance of the water helps increase strength in a low-impact setting. Since the water temperature is set to 89-90 degrees, patients will experience therapeutic benefits that reduce their irritation, swelling, and pain levels. This treatment is really the best of both worlds because you can move around and get stronger with more ease and less pain! Currently available in Pawtucket and Warwick, RI!

Did You Know That…

+ Aquatic therapy isn’t just for chronic pain!

+ You don’t need to know how to swim to participate

+ Aquatic therapy is much more than doing swimming exercises in your pool at home

+ Almost everyone can benefit from adding aquatic therapy to their treatment plan

+ Our Pawtucket, RI clinic is home to Rhode Island’s only Hydroworx 3500 Therapeutic Pool

Small children, athletes, and adults of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels can find relief from chronic conditions, acute discomfort, sports injuries, and more. Research has proven that a combination of land and aquatic therapy promotes different muscle activation and decreased healing time compared to land therapy alone.

Low back pain
Motor vehicle accidents
Neurological injuries
Shoulder injuries
Sports-related injuries
Post-operative recovery
Ankle injuries
General deconditioning
Arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid)
Balance impairments

Experience the benefits of aquatic physical therapy, a low-impact water therapy treatment at Highbar.

Buoyancy & Heated Water

Water’s added buoyancy takes pressure off the joints so you can move around easier in the pool without the stress of gravity weighing you down. Heated water temperatures allow the muscles to relax, which results in less pain during exercise. The combination of buoyancy and water temperature creates an environment for improved mobility and strengthening.

Multi-Directional Resistance

In the pool, there is multi-directional resistance, which allows you to work your muscles in a different way than you would on land. Patients can increase their strength because exercises in the water are just as effective as exercises on land.

Underwater Treadmill

One of the benefits of our pool is the underwater treadmill and jets to increase resistance.  This gives patients the ability to walk with up to 80% of body weight off the joints, allowing cardiovascular strengthening and improved endurance in a setting where pain is already reduced.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Aquatic therapy utilizes hydrostatic pressure, which decreases pain sensors and provides gentle compression to your body. That’s why patients will experience less pain and swelling during their treatment.

Questions about Aquatic Physical Therapy? We’ve got answers.

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