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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Helping You Navigate Pregnancy & Postpartum Changes

The pregnant body experiences many physical and hormonal changes as it adjusts to the demands of a growing baby. Although many of these changes can be fun and exciting, some of them can be uncomfortable and painful. Physical therapy can support birthing parents throughout their pregnancy and into the “fourth trimester.”

The Importance of Physical Therapy During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Physical therapy allows moms the ability to go beyond simply dealing with pregnancy and postpartum related pain to truly enjoy the changes they’re experiencing in their bodies. Research indicates that increased physical activity during pregnancy helps lead to shorter duration of labor, lower risk of a C-section or preeclampsia, and improvements in wellness and depressive scores. One of our goals is to take some of the fear out of pregnancy so the patient can feel stronger and more confident throughout the duration of their pregnancy. 

A physical therapist specializing in women’s health can help women manage pregnancy with less pain and discomfort, prepare their body for childbirth, and help them to develop or restore core and pelvic floor strength during and after birth. They can even give practical advice on lifting mechanics, nursing positions, breast care, posture, and more. For postpartum patients, a physical therapist can help to resolve any incontinence issues that arise after childbirth.

Most Common Pregnancy-Related Conditions Physical Therapy Can Treat:

Back Pain
Neck Pain and Headaches
Hip Pain
Pubic Symphysis / SIJ Dysfunction
Wrist Pain
Hand Pain
Joint Pain
Overactive Bladder
Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
Pelvic Pain (including with intercourse)
Diastasis Recti
Incision, C-section, or Scar Pain

Highbar’s pregnancy & postpartum physical therapists are trained to understand your individual needs so you can feel better faster. Request an appointment with a compassionate, experienced physical therapist.

Patient Education

Managing expectations for changes in body and lifestyle

Manual Therapy

External techniques to help reduce pain

Labor and Delivery Positionings

Empowering patients to understand their options in giving birth

Breathing Techniques

+ Retraining patients to use diaphragmatic breathing

+ Setting a realistic pace for activities during pregnancy

+ Teaching breathing techniques to reduce pain during and after pregnancy

Exercise Programs

Prescribed exercises for an individualized care plan

Supportive Techniques

+ Bracing and taping

+ Education on when they are functional and applicable

Posture & Lifting Mechanics

Educating pregnant and postpartum patients

Questions about Pregnancy & Postpartum? We’ve got answers.

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How does a physical therapist treat pregnancy & postpartum conditions?

At Highbar, we have many physical therapists who specialize in pregnancy and postpartum health. These compassionate therapists are trained to use education, exercise, manual techniques, and more to help manage pain in pregnant and postnatal patients.

How do I know if I need physical therapy during pregnancy or after childbirth?

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort throughout your pregnancy, you will benefit from physical therapy. Scheduling an appointment with a physical therapist for pregnancy or postpartum pain can help set and manage expectations for how the body will change and how that impacts other areas of your life.


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