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Sports Injuries & Athletic Training

Advocating for athletes on and off the field.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to strengthen your athletic performance or recovering from an injury, Highbar is ready to help you meet your goals in the clinic or on the field. Our physical therapists and athletic trainers can take the uncertainty out of the return-to-sport decision, as well as provide optimal injury and recovery assessment.

Caring for the whole athlete

When an athlete gets injured, it’s more than just an injury. They’re losing time on the field and opportunities to train with their teammates. Since many Highbar physical therapists are athletes themselves, they understand firsthand how important the recovery process can be. We’re dedicated to supporting athletes both physically and mentally as they recover from their injuries.

Physical therapy isn’t just for injuries! We recommend starting physical therapy for any athlete who is looking to improve their athletic performance. Not only can you build strength, endurance, and balance to become a stronger athlete, but you can reduce the risk of injury! A physical therapist will work with the athlete to perform exercises that resemble being on the field, court, or ice.

ACL injuries
Back Pain
Ankle injuries

For more information on the sports-related injuries we treat or athletic training services, please reach out.

Going Beyond Injury Prevention and Physical Conditioning

Athletic Trainers educate their athletes on how they can reduce their risk of injury and develop sound physical and nutritional habits. Highbar’s Athletic Trainers are on-site and visible to athletes, coaches, and parents to manage all aspects of an athlete’s physical and mental health. Using up-to-date protocols and emergency action plans helps them to ensure the highest level of safety for the athlete. They collaborate with physicians, physical therapists, coaches, athletes, and parents daily to streamline communication between coaching staff. This promotes a continuum of care, where having a licensed AT available for emergency situations ensures that athletes receive the highest standard of care when they need it.

Emergency On-Field Care

Athletic Trainers implement standard emergency protocols to address athlete injuries during a game or practice. This includes heat illness, concussion management, mental health, and lightning.

In the case where an athlete is injured, an Athletic Trainer manages the communication by sharing information within a student’s health care team, speaking with parents or guardians, and maintaining a record of injuries, health concerns, and emergency contacts. This promotes a seamless care experience for the athlete, which is especially helpful in an emergency.

Questions about Sports Injuries & Athletic Training? We’ve got answers.

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Does Highbar have a specialist for my sport?

We have many physical therapists who specialize in your favorite sports, including soccer, lacrosse, hockey, baseball, basketball, and more.

What services can athletic trainers provide?

Our Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) are highly skilled health care professionals that provide a range of services for organizations and schools. They provide the following services to athletes and their families:

·   Injury prevention

·   Early recognition, identification, clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and care of injuries

·   Physical conditioning

·   Emergency on-field care

·   Determining appropriate return to play decisions

·   Referral of injured athletes to appropriate medical professionals with expedited appointments

·   Education and training of staff, parents, and athletes on relevant health topics, including concussions and self-care


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