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Meet Highbar
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Blog | Meet Highbar

Highbar is revolutionizing the physical therapy industry and changing people’s lives. We bring together the science of musculoskeletal health with the art of individualized care, consistently delivering life-changing outcomes for our patients. At Highbar, we empower people to feel better, move freely, and live fully.

Who, exactly, is Highbar?

Highbar is formerly Performance Physical Therapy. In 2023, Performance Physical Therapy is evolving to the name Highbar to reflect the standard of care we've provided for more than 20 years. Highbar is raising the standard for physical therapy. It's the same team, local clinicians, and care; just with a new name and colors.

What to expect at Highbar?

As a patient, you will not experience any change in your care. You may notice, throughout 2023, our clinics have a new name on the sign and new colors. That's it!

Our first clinic with the Highbar name opens in Cranston, RI, mid-March. Then our clinics in Massachusetts will transition to Highbar. And, finally, all of our Performance Physical Therapy clinics throughout Rhode Island will transition to Highbar throughout the remainder of 2023.

As a clinician joining Highbar, you can expect to practice the Highbar Way, which means practicing at the top of the license, providing individualized and high-quality care for patients, and empowering patients to feel better, move freely, and live fully.

As a physician referring to Highbar, you can expect your patients to receive the same individualized, high-quality care they've always experienced at Performance Physical Therapy. You can expect your patients to achieve positive clinical outcomes and enjoy an exceptional patient experience, in a shared-decision making model.

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