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How Physical Therapy Helped Him Overcome a Sports Injury He’d Been Wrestling With
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Highbar helped Jaden feel better, move freely, so he can live fully ... and get back to competitive wrestling!

Blog | How Physical Therapy Helped Him Overcome a Sports Injury He’d Been Wrestling With

Jaden is a high school senior who plays football and competes on his school’s wrestling team. After wrestling for all four years of high school and two and a half years in middle school, Jaden was experiencing pain in his shoulder that caused him to struggle with minor tasks in his life. To get back to competitive wrestling, he saw Dr. Sarah Goldstein PT, DPT and Dr. John Goodyear PT, DPT.

What Brought Him to Physical Therapy?

After multiple shoulder dislocations due to football and wrestling injuries, Jaden found himself having difficulty with simple things like getting dressed and carrying his backpack. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to continue playing the sports he loved if he didn’t work through the shoulder instability.

The Most Surprising Part About Physical Therapy

Jaden accomplished a lot during his treatment with Dr. Sarah Goldstein and Dr. John Goodyear. But what surprised him the most was that Sarah and John made his recovery fun! He couldn’t believe how fun the exercises were that targeted different muscles.

Challenges as a Student-Athlete

One of the more specific challenges that Jaden faced outside the clinic walls was managing the expectations of his school and coaches asking when he would be able to return to sports. In addition to all the responsibilities and obligations of being a student-athlete, Jaden had to find a way to find time and the resilience to stay committed to his recovery.

When he was discharged, not only was Jaden able to return to sports, but he could live without pain or limitation in his shoulder. He was so glad that he worked hard in his recovery because it allowed him to strengthen his injured shoulder so it can keep up with the other shoulder when he plays sports. Now he feels confident in competing at a high level.

Jaden’s Best Piece of Advice

After his experience in physical therapy, Jaden has become physical therapy's newest advocate. He recommends that everyone “try physical therapy! And if you try hard enough, you will probably come out of it stronger than you came in!”

If your story sounds like Jaden's and you’re looking to get rid of pain from a sports-related injury, schedule an evaluation with a physical therapist. Highbar has locations across Rhode Island and in southeastern Massachusetts with clinicians who are ready to help you feel better, move freely, and live fully.

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